Thursday, July 31, 2014

Which Type of IT Career is Best For You?

nsidering the growth of the information technology job market, a career in IT is an incredibly smart career move. A career in IT can mean many things – you can become a network administration, website developer, database specialist, programmer or engineer.

The job range is vast and can suit various personalities and levels of technical skill. Having a good insight into those job profiles is key to make the right decision about your career path. Here's a selection of some of the most interesting and profitable IT careers and skills they require to make it in the field.

Software Engineer

Software engineers are the guys behind all our programs and games. Whether it’s personal computers or mobile devices, software engineering is an area with many sub-divisions. If you've got a knack for design, you can channel you creativity and combine it with the knowledge of a programming language like Java to create captivating games. Education? A bachelor degree in software engineering is enough – it's all about your experience, past projects and college credentials.

Web Developer

Just like software engineering, web development spans over many areas, such as web applications, web pages and web content. The skills involved in this field are greatly varied. Nowadays, web developers need to consider things like user experience, have a firm grasp on the workings of an operating system, know how to entice users to click on their products and have an idea about site optimization for mobile. Web devs are usually proficient in web languages like Javascript or HTML. What credentials will you need to make it as a web dev? Many of them get their jobs through their portfolios, but accredited degree programs probably offer an easier starting point.

Cloud Architect

Cloud architects are responsible for giving a shape and order to the storage space that exists in the cloud. This is a rising sector with a lot of demand for applicants, which eventually receive one of the biggest pay checks in the IT department. A necessary starting point is a bachelor's degree in the area.

Mobile Application Developer

With basic coding languages, mobile app developers can build applications for Android or iOS devices. Mobile apps are now cutting edge and are expected to be more popular than PCs in near future. What does it mean? More businesses than ever will rely on professionals with this kind of experience. To enter the field, you'll need a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or other.

Data Specialist

Every day, we produce gigabytes and terabytes of data that companies need to store in order to make sense of and predict consumer behaviour. Data analysis isn't limited to commercial use and the sector is rapidly growing – just like our reliance on computers to manage all our information. A data specialist will know how to model data, create data designs and define relationships between data fields. A bachelor's degree in computer science, IT or mathematics plus some professional experience will do the trick.

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